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Competitive Travel Team
Season: Feb - July / Ages 8+



Group Instruction & Training Sessions
July - January / Ages 8+



Athletes by nature have gifts, but need to be actively developed and inspired to uncover their full potential. We will create a relaxed and fun environment, while encouraging competition balanced with sportsmanship, respect and comaraderie. Advanced and beginner players will be mixed, so that skilled players can help encourage and elevate novice players and create a challenging yet safe environment. Each skill level will be tasked with additional challenges, both mentally and physically. 

EXPLORATION: For beginners, the focus is on becoming comfortable with the ball, introducing skills with show-and-tell instruction. 
VISION: Emphasis will be on teamwork. Players will learn more confidence and will be begin to understand their roles.
COMMITMENT: We will add concepts of leadership, decision-making, hard work and commitment to improvement, while remaining positive and fun, so that interest is not lost.
CREATIVITY: Coaches will focus on fine-tuning previous concepts and encourage good sportsmanship, dealing with winning and defeat - healthy competition.
FREEDOM: More advanced and older players will be presented with concepts of strategy and game analysis. Players will be taught positive team work and making the right play. They will begin to create what they envision on and off the court.



Our programs focuses on moves and concepts which are then practiced in game-like situations. Instruction, play and coaching style will be tailored by age and skill level.

  • 2nd-4th Grade: Players are most likely beginners and will be exposed to a wide set of skills using show-and-tell instruction and repetitive drills - balance, rhythm, hand-eye coordination, spacing, reaction time, stretching. Positivity, lots of breaks and play time are key.
  • 5th-6th Grade: Will work on the dribble, shoot, pass and moving with the ball. Players will learn more confidence and begin to work on spacing and court placement.
  • 7th-8th Grade: An introduction to offensive plays and more advanced skills - boxing out, man-to-man defense, rebounding, driving and the fast break.
  • 9th-12th Grade: Focus is on fine-tuning skills, defining player roles and teaching concepts of stragegy to create successful plays. Advanced moves and strategy, as well as self-analysis, study of opponents and in-game adjustment will be utilized. Players will have more freedom to develop their own play style, while making smart moves and plays.

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